how walking helps any struggle you have

Note from Tammy: I met my friend Sarah Frazer a few years ago when I was a new blogger and still so fresh to the writing world.  She was so kind and encouraging – I took to her immediately.  I am SO excited about this new devotional book that she has published (details on how to get your copy at the end of this post!).  Not only is it hopeful and inspiring, Sarah literally teaches you how to seek God in your devotional time – right where you are at in life.  I am SO thrilled she is writing a post for me today.  


I asked on Facebook a few weeks ago, what is your biggest struggle, if you could sum it up in ONE word? 


The list was a mile long, with fatigue and exhaustion winning by a landslide. I shared here for the secret to finding strength when we feel weak.


The other struggles in life were…
finding joy


Can I say I struggle with ALL of these things? Yes. I do. I kept reading the responses, and felt my head just shaking. Yes. Yes. Yes. These are DAILY struggles for me. I fight some of those things more on some days than others, but overall, I struggle in some form or another with everything on that list.


Our family took a turn twenty months ago. in 2015 we adopted our sweet China-girl. When we were handed our amazing daughter, I had no idea how God was going to change her. But even more amazing was how God changed me. The truth is: it was hard bringing her home. Her special needs were more intense than we had prepared for, and I now had four little ones (ages 7-2) to care for. I was overwhelmed immediately. But through this year and a half, I’ve learned how to walk. I’ve learned the beauty of living just one day at a time. Walking is not standing still. Walking is moving ahead, just not at a frantic, break-neck pace. Walking is about living in today.


Even though walking is so ordinary, don’t get discouraged. Believe me, I understand that the deepest part of your heart just wants this hard place to be over. In my brand new Bible study I wrote during this time, I ask you to walk through whatever circumstance you are facing one day at a time with me. You aren’t alone and you are made to be exceptional, right here.


It is inbred of us that we have to do exceptional things for God; but we have not. We have to be exceptional in the ordinary things, to be holy in mean streets, among mean people.” – Oswald Chambers


Lean on the supernatural grace of God to help you with whatever you are struggling with today. It is ok to just live in today. It is not survival mode. It is how we lean on God daily.  My ordinary is hard sometimes, so I want to offer myself a little hope (and maybe you can tag along) today. Here are TWO things I (you!) can do TODAY to help with any struggle:


  1. Reach Out to Someone. Find a friend, or even someone you admire. Send them a message and ask for prayer. Just ask for help in ONE area. You will find many hands waiting for you.
  2. Begin Reading God’s Word. Start today. It doesn’t matter how long its been or what life’s circumstances are flowing around you – find time to read His Word today.


If you are struggling for a place to start in Gods’ Word, you can check out my new Bible study. It comes out November 30. If you would like to start TODAY, I recommend checking out my 5 Step Process. Click here to have it delivered straight to your inbox. As a special thank-you you will also get some great free printables.
The Glorious Ordinary: An Invitation to Study God’s Word in Your Ordinary Life, is a nine-week Bible study designed to lead you into deeper study of God’s Word. No matter if you’ve studied scripture you entire life, or are just starting out, this study is for you. I’ve provided the passages to read, questions to answer, and scripture to memorize.


I hope you will connect with someone today. Send me an email and I’d love to pray for you!


Sarah lives her life with an amazing husband and four little ones (one adopted from China). Her inner-planner girl would like to say she’s super efficient and has the house, homeschool, and husband all neatly organized. But she doesn’t. Sarah’s house is run with fuel from coffee and Jesus. She is learning how to find the thrill of walking one day at a time in the messiness of mundane. She invites you to study God’s Word in your ordinary days.


If you are having a hard time starting a Bible study habit, check out Sarah’s 5 Steps for Starting a Bible Study Habit – Today! Found at


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