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when you feel not enough

I see you friend. I see you trying to wake up in the morning, your eyes fluttering, and you’re already feeling like you’re not enough. I see you rushing through your day – whether it’s work or kids or spouses – feeling like everyone is pushing back on you, leaving you wondering if what you… Read More

parenting in a pandemic

Parenting in a pandemic has been, in a word, exhausting. And it’s no one’s fault… it’s just the circumstances.  We understand why we had to restructure life – to save other lives.  But it has still been one long, emotional experience.  Here is what our year has looked like: Part 1 – Home from School… Read More

you haven’t peaked

Hey friend – you haven’t peaked. Here’s the deal.  I am 42 years old.  I hate admitting it but it’s true. I went to college late.  I graduated late.  I got married late.  I had babies late.  Everything in my life I have done late.  Nothing in my life I have done early. And lately… Read More

running in a new way

A few years ago, my Pastor’s son, a Pastor himself, Matthew Barnett, participated in a World Marathon where you had to run 7 races in 7 days across 7 continents – yeah, it was that hard!  He was doing this to raise money for his wonderful organization in Los Angeles called the Dream Center.  We… Read More