when you feel not enough

I see you friend.
I see you trying to wake up in the morning, your eyes fluttering, and you’re already feeling like you’re not enough.
I see you rushing through your day – whether it’s work or kids or spouses – feeling like everyone is pushing back on you, leaving you wondering if what you did is enough.
I see you putting on that outfit, that use to fit just perfectly, but now seems too tight and you wonder if your appearance is enough.
I see you coming up with new ideas and solutions to your problems that always seem to backfire and you are left with confusion on why your plans are never enough.
I see you going to bed at night, your head weary from your day, and your mind recaps all the things and reminds you of how you weren’t enough today.  Try again tomorrow.
But tomorrow the same routine happens again and again.
I want to remind you of this: today, right now, where ever you are, where ever you are going, whatever you look like, right this moment – you’re enough.
You’ve always been enough.
See the enemy is super great at lying to us and we are super great at allowing him to. Those small thoughts build and build over the years and tell us all the things we aren’t.
But Jesus tells us all the thing we are. In Him. Through Him. Because of Him.  He makes us enough.
So today, when those thoughts and feelings of “I’m not enough” come to your head – take one moment, and remind yourself, as God’s daughter, you have always been His, and through Him, you are more than enough.

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