the art of living

I’ve been working on just living lately.
Nothing like getting a life-altering medical diagnosis to make you want to actually practice the art of living.
So I’ve been trying just to do the things I know I love. Spending quality time with my kids. Theatre performances. Reading. Going to the movies. Getting dinner and drinks with friends. Rearranging my house with a holiday update. Volunteering. A few small trips to DC and Disney. Coffee dates. Snuggling my dog as much as he will let me. Taking a long, warm bath. And even some writing.
Just things I know I love. Things that speak to my heart and bring me such peace and joy. Things that I’ve always known and loved but just now being very deliberate in making sure I make room for that. Fighting a disease is hard enough. I have to make room for joy too or else it all becomes too much of a burden. I think I learned this when I worked for a children’s wish granting organization- we would plan a wish to give them something to look forward to during their treatment. I’m trying to find that something to look forward to now myself.
It’s so easy to get caught up in the burdens of daily life. Work. Cook. Clean. Run errands. It becomes a repetitive process that we get so used to – sometimes we just go on autopilot as we go through our day to day lives.
But in the process of making our way through life, don’t forget to live it too. Make room for what you love. Make room for those you love. Make room to give how you love. Don’t forget the art of living.

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