i am going to miss you when you grow up

I’m going to miss you when you grow up.
I say this to my babies often as I give them tight hugs or stroke their hair. I can’t wait to see the young men and women they will be. I can’t wait to see the successes they will have and things they will accomplish and to meet their own families. I look forward to those days so much.
But man, am I going to miss these little faces and sweet hugs. I will miss their tiny voices saying, “best mom ever” and getting so excited when you pull chocolate chip cookies out of the oven. I will miss snuggling super close to watch Disney movies and singing songs as loud as we can in the car. I will miss how close they hold you when they’re nervous and how excited they get when they are brave and try new things like jumping off the diving board. I will miss tears over something small because of the lessons they learn in the end and the tight hugs of forgiveness. I will miss watching them learn what makes them unique and the passions they love most like animals, science and cars. I will miss hearing “I WON THE GAME!!” in amazement and the whimpers, tears and holding my hand when they lose but know that’s part of life. I will miss them sitting on my lap and turning the book pages in wonder as I read to them tales that used to mean so much to me when I was their age. I will miss flour explosions and broken eggs in the kitchen as they are learning to cook and show off their concoctions in pride. I will miss turning the bathtub into a water slide and the shower into a splash pad. I will miss tiny feet in big shoes and giant sunglasses on little faces. I will miss stopping the movie every 5 minutes to answer questions and pick up popcorn kernels that have fallen onto their laps. I will miss rehearsals and recitals and practices and games. I will miss matching uniforms and giant bows tucked into their ponytails. I will miss the constant begging for a puppy and already figuring out its name. I will miss coloring bright pictures where somehow I was always their hero. I will miss little snores next to my chest as they fall fast asleep snuggled close.
I will miss all the things that made them little but mostly I will just miss them.
Parenting little kids can be the hardest days but they are also so sweet and so special. They are the days that can seem the longest but go entirely too fast.
My kids are going to grow up to be amazing adults – I already know it. I can’t wait to meet them as adults . But being little, that’s such a special and short time. A time like no other for a parent. So yes baby, I can’t wait to see who you will become but I will also still miss you when you grow up because I’m completely taken with the little heart you are right now.

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