for those waiting to be mommy {on mother’s day}

My dear friend,

Mother’s Day is around the corner and I can only imagine the feeling that is slowly growing in your stomach.  You love your mom.  You love your friends who are moms.  You are happy to honor their lives and love on them.

But inside your heart sinks.  Maybe a little.  Maybe a lot.  Because you have been waiting to hold your own child in your arms.  You have been waiting to be called one of the dearest words you can imagine: “Mother.”

You have been waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.  And your heart can’t handle the thought of waiting any more.

You go through the days trying to hold that hurt back.  You pray and hope and trust.  You believe.

But I know Mother’s Day can be the day the hurt comes to the surface.  You smile when you see the moms around you getting simple white roses handed to them at church but you wish with all your heart one was handed to you as well.  Because it is not the rose itself but what it represents: the sweet life you have praying for finally being held in your arms.

Friends, I see your hurt.  I see your sadness.  I see your beautiful hope that shines upon your face as you dream of, pray for, and wait on your baby.

My friend, here is what I have to say to you: you are a mother.

Some women hold babies in their arms, some in their memories, some in their dreams, but all in their hearts.  They are all mothers.

The things that make mothers unique are the qualities you already embody: you nurture, you care, you comfort, you love, you help, you encourage, you speak, you support, you trust, you give, you hope.  You are all these things.

Today, your baby might not be physically present in your arms, but they are in your hearts, they are in your plans, they are in YOU.  They are a part of you.  And you are a part of them.  You are their mother.  And you always will be.

I know Mother’s Day will be a hard day for you this year while you are waiting.  I want you to know you will have many friends who will be praying for you specifically on this day that you will know the comfort of our Heavenly Father.

But I do want to encourage you in this: this is your Mother’s Day too.  Your Mother’s heart is celebrated.  Your Mother’s heart is inspiring.  Your Mother’s heart is just simply you.  So I say to you Happy Mother’s Day my sweet friend.  I love you.

One thought on “for those waiting to be mommy {on mother’s day}

  1. Thank you for writing this. As an infertile woman, who will never have kids (any way), MD is always hard for me. I have seen what you have written in years past, and I love that you are sensitive. Blessings! Happy MD to you!

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