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So I’ve decided I want to blog more like you and I are having coffee.  Like we are having a one-on-one conversation, but more often than I have been posting.  And, while I love writing inspiring pieces, I want you to see more of who I am…. I can sometimes be funny, I am pretty much always emotional, I get excited about traveling and Disney, I adore baking, I try to keep things as simple as possible with 3 kids, and I can get pretty heated over politics.

And I want you to see more of that.  Well maybe not the heated political side, but everything else.  I want to learn more about what you like as well!

What I am saying is, I want my blog to be more than an occasional inspirational piece: I truly want it to be a friendship, a community, with you.

I thought I would start today by sharing with you one of my very favorite things: books.

I am a HUGE lover of the written word.  I always have been.  When I was younger, my parents would often find me hidden away tucked behind some book.  In fact, my punishments when I was a kid was “no reading!”   I am not even kidding.  My parents would take away my books if I misbehaved and it would quickly correct my bad behavior.

I loved to read.  And I still do.  I find it harder with kids but I still try to find a spare minute… Even if that means listening on Audible while I am at the gym.

So, I would like to start a monthly series where I share with you what my favorite books are currently!

After that HUGE intro, lets get into the books!

The Undoing of Saint Silvanus I have always loved Beth Moore so it was exciting for me when I received her first work of fiction.  This is a wonderful story of grace and allowance of feeling “undone”… because there is a Savior who can cover all of that.   Her writing is descriptive and there is such a heavy journey of multiple characters that intertwine so beautifully.  You can find more about it here.



Okay, this one is a tear-jerker.  I watched a documentary on PBS about young women in Ireland were sent away if they were pregnant out of wedlock.  They lived in a home run by nuns until they had their baby then they were required to work to “payback” their medical care and only allowed to spend 1 hour a day with their children.  So many of them had their babies adopted without their knowledge and didn’t even get to say goodbye.  This is a heartbreaking true story of one such mother who, now as a grandmother, decided to search for her long lost son.  It’s a movie too but I always think the book is a good read.  You can find it here.


Business Boutique 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christy Wright.  She makes you feel like you are talking to your best friend and is so inviting in her words.  She runs a podcast, newsletter, and workshop for women entrepreneurs and her new book is out as well called Business Boutique.  If you have ever at all, even in the slightest, contemplated running your own business, then Christy Wright is a friend you want to have.  She helps you from the very beginning, even if you know you want a business but don’t know what kind, and helps you build until that business is blooming.  I went to one of her workshops in Irvine, CA this year and it was so informative.  The book is just the same and a can’t miss for any “Girl Boss.”  You can find it here.


What Love Is 


I will be honest…. The devotional books with one page and one verse is a nice little quick read with coffee but what I am always really looking for in the morning is a Bible Study.  I want to start my day ingesting and learning about God’s Word because I know how MUCH I need to have that in me before I start my day.  I love Kelly Minter’s Bible Studies and this one, What Love Is, is one of my favorites.  It goes through 1, 2, & 3 John and you get such a deep background and understanding of the Love John is writing about.  It’s a little bit of history, devotion, and inspiration all in one shot.  It breaks up into 5 days per week and I find it perfect to fit in as part of my daily dose of Spiritual care.  You can find it here or


SO that is it for July!  What are you favorite books you are reading this month??  There is so much to be found in the written word. Happy reading friends!


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