it starts // feeling comfortable in your own skin series

it starts - feeling comfortable seriesFriends, I don’t know how to start this series other than telling you I am very nervous.  How do I, Tammy, the most insecure girl who criticizes everything she does, reach out to you, my dear reader, and tell you how to be confident, strong and secure in who Christ made you to be?

This is like a car salesman, who has never even driven a car, telling you the details of the best car on the lot.  I might “know” some of the facts, but have I really ever used it?  Not really.

But, here’s why I am starting this series, with you, today: I want you know how to be comfortable in your own skin.  I want to know how to be comfortable in my own skin.  I want us to be able to look in the mirror without a sigh or a grimace but rather a soft sense of awe in wonder of who God created us to be.

I don’t know about you but I feel like I try, try hard, to feel comfortable.  To do things right.  To be who I think I should be.  And yet, I still, everyday at some point, feel lacking.  Like I am not living up to the potential I should be.

But maybe it’s not about potential.

Maybe it’s not about trying so hard.

Maybe it has a lot more to do in just trusting, and believing, what God says about us.  And what Jesus is to us.  And what the Holy Spirit bring us.

Maybe it’s a lot less about us and a whole lot more about Him.

When my kids are asleep, all snuggled up in their beds at night, cuddling their stuffed lambies and clutching their blankets, I often stop to watch them.  I watch them breathe softly and gently.  Their little chests rising up and down.  Sweet quiet snores.  Tiny eyelashes that flutter with dreams.  They look peaceful.  Still.  And my heart overwhelmingly overflows while I look at them.  Because (despite their outgoing personality earlier that day that drove me a little crazy) I see the beauty of who they are.  They aren’t perfect but they are beautiful.  They are my joy.  They are my everything.  These little angels that somehow came from me.  I stare at them in wonder and gratitude just because of who they are.

And I know our Father looks at you, and looks at me, in the same beauty.  He sees the wonder He created.  And His heart is overwhelmed with love.  So much love for His creation.  His creation of you.

So lets spend the next few weeks together truly learning to embrace who He created us to be.  We might not be comfortable in our own skin by the end of the series but I hope we will at least be on the stepping stones to the right path.

I am not sure exactly what everything will look like yet throughout this series but I am excited to embrace this new journey with you.  This is part 1 of this series.  To continue, see part 2 here.

PS: Throughout this series we will be going through Psalms 139.  I encourage you to spend some time reading, rereading and truly ingesting the words in this chapter.  Also, please feel free to invite your friends and family who might be encouraged by this series to join along with this.  You can have them link to my Facebook page and Instagram feed.  Thank you!

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  1. Beautiful ! I just read psalm 139. Beautiful words to start my day. Now to work on acceptance of these words !

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