don’t just live; flourish

don't just live; flourish

I’ve spent a lot of my life just living.  Struggling.  Trying.  Hoping someday life will be easier.

Can I tell you something?  It may never get easier.

Want to hear something even more wonderful?  We can flourish.

Despite our struggles, searching, longings, and heartaches, we can flourish. Because everything we are going through is just making us into who we are becoming.

See, we are all becoming.  Some are becoming college students.  Some are becoming career women.  Some are becoming engaged.  Some are becoming married.  Some are becoming wives.  Some are becoming mothers.  Some are becoming grandmothers.  Some are becoming….  anything.

We are all becoming something.  And the things I have learned from my journey I want to pass on to you.  And I want to glean from those who have come before me.  Because what we can teach other is what helps us flourish.  We are all just sisters, daughters of God, and we are all to help each other, to support and encourage but also PREPARE each other for the roles ahead.

Titus 2 talks about the older women preparing and teaching the younger women for their future roles.  You see, we are all teaching each other.  There is always those before us who can enrich our path and those behind us that are looking to you (yes you!) for instruction as well.

Think of what the world will look like if we help prepare each other for what is ahead.  With so many women flourishing, there can’t help but be such a beautiful and wonderful joy and hope that overtakes this world.  Women, flourishing in the roles in which they were created for…  All together, united in bringing change to the world.

So join me?  This blog is dedicated to women helping each other.  Let’s not just live; let’s flourish.

Let’s not just live; let’s flourish.


6 thoughts on “don’t just live; flourish

    1. Absolutely!!!! Seriously, any ideas you have or articles you would like to write: please send them my way! I would LOVE your help! I definitely want contributors!

  1. I so love this idea! You have been so encouraging to me…and I’m looking forward to your new adventure here! I have a passion for working with ladies and have been slowly working towards focusing my little blog on a smaller scale to this same thing!

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